Wiener Dog Tales #1


Come READ ALONG with me with my new book LONGFELLOW FINDS A HOME !  So excited. There are some new animations too!  Just in time for the new year! View VideoLove you!  xo Longfellow, the blue wiener dog!
Christmas is almost here and I am so excited!  If you sign up on the email list I can send you an extra special Christmas card - just for you.  Merry Christmas! xo Longfellow, the blue wiener dog!
The most wonderful bookstore called Diesel Bookstore in Santa Monica at the Brentwood Countrymart is now carrying my book!  Take a photo at the store and I will email you a special drawing!  I love book stores! Do you?
Do you every feel short?  or small?  That is how I feel - as I am low to the ground and a wiener dog.  But like you - I know if I try - I can succeed - and I know if I sing - I always feel better.  Soon I will be performing in con...

Santa - and Longfellow are Coming to Town!

Christmas is coming super soon!!  Are you ready for Santa?  Are you ready for Longfellow?  I wish you a very Merry Christmas!  LOTS OF LOVE!  If you send me a photo of your dog, I will email you a special photo of me too!

Longfellow Concert

Hi everyone. It is me here, Longfellow, the blue wiener dog! I am rehearsing now for my concert! I will be playing guitar and singing rock and roll. I will post one of my songs soon on youtube and this website. Right now you can see a super shor...